SONIC DESIGNS by Elise Kermani (contact:




Photo by Donald Swearingen of Elise performing Metamorphosis taken at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2003


2014                Pathetique: miniatures in detail - Elise Kermani, composer; Vicky Shick, choreography; Barbara Kilpatrick, set and costumes. Performances at West End Theater, and the 92nd Street Y, NYC. view the film by Peter Azen

2013                Everything You See - Elise Kermani, composer; Vicky Shick, choreography; Barbara Kilpatrick, set and costumes. Performances at St. Mark's Church, Danspace. view blog

2012                JOCASTA - Elise Kermani, director and composer; Barbara Kilpatrick, production design; Alan M. Smith, cinematography. Screening at the AGON film festival, Athens, Greece. film web site

2012                POE [...and the museum of lost arts] - Elise Kermani, director. Preview screening at Harvestworks, NYC. Event site

2012                Into the Mirror - Elise Kermani, composer; Evelin Stermitz, video artist. Performance for video, various gallery screenings. view online

2011                Not Entirey Herself - Vicky Shick, choreography; Elise Kermani, sound; Barbara Kilpatrick, set and costumes. Performances at The Kitchen, NYC.

2010                Silence - Evelin Stermitz, video; Elise Kermani, sound. International festivals. view online

2009                Blue House -    Evelin Stermitz, video. Elise Kermani, music. Dance Performance Improvisation - Various gallery installations wordlwide. view online

2009                Glimpse -    Vicky Shick, Choreographer; Barbara Kilpatrick, set installation and design; Elise Kermani, sound design. The Trafo, Budapest, Hungary.   

2008                Keep-Sake -    Barbara Kilpatrick, Set and Photography, Elise Kermani, Sound and Video. Ancram Opera House, NY. Project site


2008                JOCASTA -       Alan McIntyre Smith, cinematographer; Barbara Kilpatrick, production design; Elise Kermani, writer, director, editor and sound designer. Anthology Film Archives, Film Columbia Festival, NY. YouTube 8 min excerpt


2007                Exuberance -       Barbara Kilpatrick, photography; Elise Kermani, sound and video design. Dance Theater Workshop Gallery, NYC. Project site


2007                Plum House -       Vicky Shick, choreographer; Barbara Kilpatrick, set installation and design; Elise Kermani, sound design. Dance Theater Workshop, NYC.


2006               Venus Hum - Barbara Kilpatrick, visuals; Elise Kermani, sound and video. sound sample (mp3)

New Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA.


2005                Repair - Vicky Shick, choreographer; Barbara Kilpatrick, set installation and design, Elise Kermani, sound and electronics. - St. Marks Church, NYC. Radiator Girl mp3


2004                Blur Ear - solo performance by Elise Kermani. "Turning Sounds Festival," Warsaw, Poland; and at the "San Francisco Electronic Music Festival." Webpage for Project, BlurEar mp3


2003                 dice3 - Elise Kermani, Producer. CD-R, IshtarLab Recordings. web site The diceProject.pdf


2003                Sonic Designs -   CD of music, IshtarLab Recordings photo and info .pdf


2003                Undoing - Vicky Shick, Choreographer; Barbara Kilpatrick, Set installation and design; Elise Kermani, Sound Design. Dance Theater Workshop, NYC. Undoing .mp3


2002               The Aleph Exhibitions - created by Elise Kermani in collaboration with Barbara Kilpatrick. Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY. Syn*tax .pdf bi payan .pdf Metamorphosis .pdf Digital Dragons .pdf


2002               The Ava Project - with Kathleen Ruiz, Visual Artist; Elise Kermani, sound and electronics; Vicky Shick, dancer; Barbara Kilpatrick, visual artist. Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY. Photos and Info .pdf


2001                Wak Auf - various locations - Elise Kermani, composer. Downtown Ensemble, various locations in New York State. score and review .pdf


2000                Hestia Project - created by Elise Kermani Interactive CD-rom, Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY. Aleph, Mem and He .mov


1998                Sacred Spaces - Melli Hoppe, Choreographer; Elise Kermani, music composition. Madame Walker Theater - Indianapolis, IN. photos .pdf


1998                Women in History - Marty New, director; Elise Kermani, composer. Asphalt Green Theater, NYC.


1997                dice2 - Tour and CD. Elise Kermani, composer/producer. The Kitchen, Thundergulch and iEAR Studios, in New York.


1997                DREADmonad - CD musings with Don Malone - Elise Kermani, vocalist/composer.


1996                 TROUSERS - Elise Kermani, founder/composer; Elaine Kaplinsky, keyboards; Christine Bard, percussion. Various locations and tour to Eastern Europe. TROUSER's press .pdf


1996                123sumthing - Marty New, director; Elise Kermani, composer. One Dream Theater, NYC. Loss.mp3 WorkSong.mp3


1996                 ANNE - Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC. Excerpt from ANNE .mp3


1995                Private Eye/Public Hand -    Cleveland International Performance Art Festival, P.S. 122. Elise Kermani, composer/performer. PE/PH (and ANNE) info.pdf


1995                Dreaming the Page - Elise Kermani, composer/performer. Knitting Factory, P.S.122 in New York City. performance script .pdf


1994                Dead Awaken - Rachel Wineberg, Director; Elise Kermani, composer. Knitting Factory, NYC. Train Song


1993                Artem(Is) Rising - Elise Kermani, composer/performer. In collaboration with the video group 77Hz. The Kitchen, Cybertronics Festival, NYC. AIR .pdf


1993                Private Eye/Public Hand - Solo performance in collaboration with Nancy Meli Walker. Premiere at The Roulette, NYC. PEPH photos


1992                 dice - IshtarLab Recordings, music CD. Elise Kermani, composer/producer.


1991                 THe HearTH - Elise Kermani, composer/performer. DiverseWorks Artspace, Houston, TX. Elise solo voice mp3