Poe (and the museum of lost arts)

Written and directed by Elise Kermani

Premiere: August 3-8, 2010 at 3LD Art & Technology Center.


All Photographs by Natasha Kermani


Rinde Eckert as Baudelaire demonstrating a new modern technology.



Baudelaire at his lecture table reciting his lecture about Poe.




David Tirosh projected as John Allan, Poešs foster father.



Pamela Z as Techne, the Goddess of Invention.


Techne triggering sound with the light sensors.



Baudelaire singing to the audience.



Baudelaire testing his camera.



Baudelaire brings back the projection of Poe.


A closeup of Techne.


Profile of Techne.


All photographs are available in hi-resolution. To use any of these photographs for any purpose including internet, press and print, please contact Elise Kermani at: elisekermani@aol.com.